Lets go back to the beginning.

“One day, I came across a lady who was wearing a traditional gold burqa. All I could see were her deep brown piercing eyes emphasized by beautiful shimmery earth tones with gorgeous, long, dramatic eyelashes. Her look was so powerful…all I could see through her eyes were confidence, glamour and fascination…. She was talking to me through her eyes…she was telling me who she was…"

And that was the pivotal moment, when Arabian Beauty was born.

Our products are fun and different – so much thought has gone behind the style, name and colour of each eyelash, which has been heavily influenced by the culture and woman in the Arabic world with western touches. YES – we have been very busy but it has all been worth it!

Here at Arabian Beauty, we aim to reach out to all ends of the globe with our exciting products and provide you with the best quality eyelashes to complete your beautiful looks.

Our website is an easy platform for you to buy our products, share your reviews, stay updated on the latest and of course show off your lashes on our social media!

How very rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself – I’m Nadia Hijris, the Founder of Arabian Beauty Cosmetics! I’m half English and half Bahraini (got the best of both worlds!) For as long as I can remember, I’ve been so passionately mad about eyelashes!! When I wear them, they give me this special kind of confidence and feeling like no other. I feel so lucky to finally make my dreams come true by opening this company, I hope you fabulash people enjoy my products and can be apart of my dream career journey. BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL XXX

One last thing.

Eyes can be so powerful – they are the window to your soul. I believe eyes can tell a story, YOUR STORY.

Love from